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About Owen and Conley LLC

At Owen and Conley, our tradition of personalized service continues to be valued by nonprofits, businesses and individuals.  Alongside our cornerstone nonprofit practice, we have built a diversified law firm with expertise in tax law, corporate law, employee benefits, executive compensation, and estates – trusts.

Our attorneys possess significant hands-on experience and education in their chosen areas of concentration, holding advanced degrees and board certifications.   With a variety of backgrounds in the public sector and private industry, we utilize a team approach to offer our clients the best solution to their given situation.

Legal representation is delivered by highly skilled and dedicated attorneys who provide expert advice in their respected disciplines resulting in the best outcomes possible for our clients.

In addition to serving on a variety of charitable boards, Owen and Conley belong to the Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania, a regional trade association representing a continuum of healthcare providers and Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, is an association of nonprofit entities. Through our affiliations with these associations, we assist organizations in best practices as it pertains to their given by-laws and regulations.



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